The Oregon League of Rabbit and Cavy Breeders is a nonprofit organization chartered by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. First organized in 1977, the OLRCB is committed to:

  • Promoting the enjoyment of rabbits and cavies.
  • Encouraging members to be available to fair associations, 4-H clubs, affiliated clubs, and individuals as a source of expierience and knowledge concerning rabbits and cavies.
  • Encouraging and supporting youth members throught the annual Youth Royalty Contests.
  • Providing a vehicle for the Foerstler Fund youth scholarship program.
  • Developing friendships and HAVING FUN!!!

The OLRCB Board Of Directors adopted this statement on Nov. 23, 2013

All Judges, Registrars, Club Officials and Members are representatives of the OLRCB, the ARBA and of the rabbit/cavy fancy. As such, all members of the OLRCB shall agree to act honorably in their pursuit of the rabbit/cavy fancy. In both rabbit/cavy related ventures, members shall strive to promote the hobby; they shall embody the virtues of sportsmanship and esteem.

All members shall conduct themselves to reflect credit on the rabbit/cavy fancy in the general and the OLRCB in particular. This includes respect for the ARBA, the OLRCB, affiliated clubs, and for fellow rabbit/cavy breeders.

Conduct shall be directed toward educating the public, improving one's own knowledge and demonstrating integrity. actions should complement the OLRCB's goal of promoting rabbit/cavy breeding and showing.

Members should take care to be good representatives at show sites, national convention, on internet forums and lists, and other social media that is in any way related to the rabbit/cavy fancy.

News & Announcements

COVID-19 & State Convention

I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe, during this COVID-19 pandemic. Although it was a difficult decision, the OLRCB Executive Board, unfortunately, felt we had no choice but to cancel the May 1 st and 2 nd state convention show in Albany. The latest Executive Order from Oregon Governor Brown has ordered us to “Stay at Home”, until rescinded. We weighed the real hardship of cancelling the show against the concern for our membership’s health and wellbeing, with an eye on our fiscal responsibility to the membership. We have not ruled out looking for an opportunity to hold a show in the fall or winter. Due to the uncertainty of the virus and the length of the restrictions on travel, public gatherings, etc., we have not made any concrete plans.

The Royalty committee and I are committed to insuring we make the opportunity to attend ARBA convention in Pennsylvania available to our Youth. We are exploring options to hold some version of a Royalty contest. The contest will not look or feel like it has in the past, but we are doing our best to find an alternative. Due to the uncertainty of the length of the executive order, I am in a holding pattern to find the best options, available. I extended the due date for Applications for Royalty, Management and Achievement to April 10 th . We will not be extending this deadline, again. Management and Achievement Applications will be scored, and the results will be announced at a later time.

The teams for ARBA convention will be chosen from the Youth, who submit Royalty Applications. Anyone, who wishes to represent Oregon in Pennsylvania or participate in any Royalty events, is REQUIRED to send in a Royalty Application by the postmarked April 10 th deadline.

Thank-you, for your understanding and patience, as we move forward.

Linda Eubank OLRCB President Oregon Royalty Committee


Are you enjoying the full benefits of being an OLRCB member? Chour out our Applications and Fees page for all of the benefits you can look forward to. You can access the application from there, or see our Secretary Lana at any upcoming Oregon shows in September for a hard copy of the application.