Royalty Contests

Applicants must be a current member of the OLRCB at the time of entry and participation. The age requirements and divisions are as follows: (Competitive divisions are based on the youth's age as of the closing day of the OLRCB shows and convention.)

  • King & Queen: OLRCB Youth Members age 15-18 years
  • Duke & Duchess: OLRCB Youth Members age 12-14 years
  • Prince & Princess: OLRCB Youth Members age 9-11 years
  • Lord & Lady: OLRCB Youth Members age 9 years and younger

Applicants must be in attendance of the OLRCB State Show and Convention of that year. Royalty and scholarship applications are available below.

There will be provisions for youth members who have a conflict and cannot attend the competition to still apply for scholarship monies. This will apply to youth members who plan to attend National Convention of the same year, and would like to compete on an Oregon team. Scholarships are also available to youth members who desire to compete at the state show, and not the national show the following fall. Oregon is currently the only state to offer scholarships to participate at the state level only. The Foerstler Fund Board is very proud of that. It was deemed years ago, when first setting up the fund, that OLRCB Youth members be able to enjoy a Royalty competition, even if they cannot go on to compete at the national level.

The Youth Royalty contest consists of 5 parts: applications, judging contest, written test, oral interview, and breed/color identification. In an effort to bring the State contest in line with the National contest, rabbit and cavy portions of the contest were combined as of 2011. Each contestant will take a written test, complete an interview, and participate in breed identification, and judging.

The written test covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Management
  • Rabbit & Cavy breed information
  • ARBA officers, history and rules

The questions are taken from the ARBA Standard of Perfection, ARBA Guide to Raising Better Rabbits, and the ARBA Yearbook.

All contestants, including Lord/Lady, compete in a 10-15 minute oral interview conducted by two or three adult members of the rabbit & cavy community. The oral interview covers information on the youth member, their achievements, goals, management plans and overall involvement with rabbits and/or cavies.

OLRCB members provide a number of representatives of several rabbit and cavy breeds and varieties for the Breed Identification portion of the contest. Each contestant must correctly identify each animal as to its breed, variety, and show class. The Judging Contest consists of four (4) classes of four (4) animals each. Each class of animals will be the same breed, variety, sex and age. Contestants (ages 10-18) are required to check the animals in each class for disqualifications and then place the animals 1st - 4th. It is permissable to use a copy of the ARBA Standard of Perfection while judging. Lord and Lady Contestants (under 9 years) will compete in Showmanship in lieu of judging.

After completing each form, copies of each application should be PRINTED or PHOTOCOPIED. Keep in mind that for the Royalty, Achievement, and Management applications, contestants will be answering the questions on a separate piece of paper. Typing your answers is highly encouraged, but is not a requirement. All answers need to be legible in order for the contest judges to read them, so if printing by hand, please use your very best penmanship!