OLRCB Person of the Year Award

This award was resumed in 2006 to recognize an outstanding OLRCB member. The time frame runs from the OLRCB State Show & Convention to the next. Any two previous winners will be appointed by the president to select a new OLRCB Person of the Year with the majority approval of OLRCB Board of Directors.

Criteria for selecting the OLRCB Person of the Year includes the following:

  1. Member of the OLRCB
  2. Willingness to be involved at the state club level
  3. Service to the membership at large
  4. Contribute toward the success of shows
  5. Contribute to youth and/or new members
  6. All around asset to OLRCB and the rabbit/cavy hobby

A few things to remember:

  • The award does not have to be awarded annually.
  • The deadline for nominations is April 1st of each year.
  • Prior to 2008, a rabbit and a cavy person were selected. In 2008 the award changed to person of the year.

Past Recipients

1997 Rabbit

Terisa Silbernagel

1998 Rabbit

Jeff Silbernagel & Tom Keyes (Tie)

2000 Youth Rabbit

Michelle Silbernagel

2002 Youth Rabbit

Andrew Silbernagel

2004 OLRCB Family

Jeff, Terisa, Andrew & Michelle Silbernagel

2007 Rabbit

Linda Eubank & Charlcie (Gill) Fowler (Tie)

2007 Cavy

Jason Whitehurst


Kelly Rooke


Judy Atchison


Eric LaRue


None Selected


Caroline Sullivan


Judy Rossner


Eryn Blehm


Barbara Palmblad


Bob Birman

Judy Rossner 2013 Person of the Year